My first onion, maybe! 🧅🤞

I'd been watching my landlord grow so many cool things since quarantine began; corn, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, green onions, lettuce, the list goes on! I'd always wanted to someday grow my own herbs and maybe even have a little garden with an avocado tree. She offered me one of her pots and encouraged me to try to grow something. So, this is my first-ever attempt at growing food! I've never succeeded with plants; the closest I've gotten is with succulents and even those didn't look too fresh! ☘️ Wish me luck!

My status updates are below, with the most recent on top :)

May 13

I'm not sure if it's doing well. It's become much darker and it hasn't been growing very much. Black thumb, stay away please 🙏 ...You can also see where I touched that leftmost shoot too hard 😅

May 8

More shoots!

May 6

I spy little mister onion peaking through! He found his way to the top!

May 1

I perched this onion on a makeshift paperclip stand, and left it to root in some water for the past few days. Look at those wispy hairs around the roots... I wish I knew more about what's happening there, haha! And today I've planted it in a pot, buried completely under the soil!

Pre - May 1

A couple of my landlord's pots thriving, serving as my inspiration :)